About the team

Our network of members and volunteers includes a diverse variety of background experiences, ranging from leading Slovenian tech companies (Outfit 7, Celtra, Nexto, Reciprocity, Proxima), marketing agencies (Renderspace, Luna, Futura), universities (University of Ljubljana, Cornell University, University of London), research institutions (World Debate Institute, Institute Jožef Stefan), art collectives (ZEK Crew) and NGOs (CNVOS, Greenpeace, Pro et contra - Institute for the culture of dialogue, different labour unions).

Our projects have received funding by Google DNI (applied to 4 rounds, received 3), NED and American Embassy in Slovenia, and have been awarded within the designer/developer community (Brumen award, several Diggit awards ...). Our projects and accomplishments are regularly featured in mainstream and indie media and we are often invited to speak at important public events at home and abroad.

Filip Dobranić
General manager

Before serving as the general manager, Filip led the institute’s development team. A renowned public speaker with a university degree in philosophy and sociology of culture, Filip still manages our programmers and commits his own code that mostly covers natural language processing, complex statistical analyses and machine learning. He’s also one of the institute founders.

Žiga Vrtačič
Product manager

Žiga is an information architect with 10 years of experience in internet industry and is in charge of user experience and product development. Before co-founding the institute he served as director of product development at Outfit7, where he led product teams behind mobile games with more than 100 million monthly users.

Maja Cimerman
Project manager

Maja was Filip’s debate partner and together they won high-profile world and European debating competitions. Before completing her Master’s degree at Cornell University she spent two years working in Qatar. With her international experience with leading teams and projects, Maja is in charge of managing the institute’s relations with donors, NGOs and the media.

Tomaž Kunst
Backend programmer

Tomaž is a professional programmer with 7 years of industry experience. He is responsible for our data APIs. Before joining the institute, he was a student researcher at Jožef Stefan Institute, which is recognized as one of the top ten research institutes in Europe.

Miha Lepej
Full stack programmer

Miha joined our team as an intern while he was still at university. He quickly became a full time employee and a crucial member of our development team. He is a versatile full stack programmer who is responsible for the fact that our products render fast and responsively.

Jasmina Ploštajner
Art director

Jasmina is another co-founder of the institute's and has been its art director since day one. She is currently based in Las Palmas. With years of experience in various advertising agencies, she defines our visual language. She has received many industry awards for her work, most notably the Brumen award (a prestigious biennial of Slovenian design) for Parlameter.

Tadej Štrok
Head of content production

Tadej is former director of product at Celtra with 8 years of digital agency experience and is currently based in Berlin, working with Europe’s top digital teams, while at the same time serving as head of content production at the institute.

Eva Vrtačič
Board Director and Chief copywriter

Eva is another cofounder and the first general manager of the institute. Employed at University of Ljubljana, she holds a PhD in Sociology. Apart from serving as board director of the institute, she works as (copy)writer, editor, researcher and grammar nazi. She cultivates relations with academic institutions and exchanges PR pleasantries with whomever it may concern.

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