Your transcripts and voting records digitalized!

A complete solution for any organization aiming for full transparency and digitalization of sessions. Parlameter handles transcripts and voting records from their collection to visualization and publishing.

Parlameter is available to open any
parliament, city council, management board, community council, decision-making body, university, institution, consortium, cooperative
to the public.

Speed up research and journalistic work

If unstructured, data is practically inaccessible. Help the media and research institutions explore your datasets, daily serving them analyses and visualizations ready for immediate publishing.

Give a boost to developers

Show developers some love without troubling your IT people. With Parlameter, your data will be exportable, machine-readable, and ready for action!

Indulge your audience

People will benefit twice - through the work of journalists and developers, as well as by sifting through data by themselves.


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Parlameter is, and always will be, free and open-source.

You can access Github repository here.